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Saturday, November 14, 2009

What Should I Trade in Jita?

We get asked about Jita trade all the time and here is one of the plain simple truths...You can make isk by trading just about anything as long as the buy price is cheaper than the sell price and you have patience. Please also keep in mind that you need to account for taxes and broker fees when calculating your profits. I know that is over simplifying and probably a little aggravating so Topava is going to give you some specific Intel to help you on your way.

Topava restates, “ I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Ice products are where the fast isk is to be made. It takes a while to build up a bank roll for trading ice products but once you get the ball rolling you will be unstoppable. The old adage, it takes money to make money is very true in the world of daytrading. There are two important criteria for daytrading, price difference and volume. If you buy 100,000 units of oxygen isotopes for 380.00 isk and then sell them for 410.00 the profit per unit is 30.00 isk. For ice products that is about what you will be looking for, about 25.00 to 30.00 isk difference. You also want enough of the product selling so you won’t have to sit on buy orders for a long time, that way you can repeat the process more often. Most ice product in Jita move in the range of 40 million per day so you can imagine how quickly your little 100,000 will go. Now imagine buying 2,000,000 units of oxygen isotopes at that same margin. BOOM! 60,000,000 ISK!!”


Andrea said...

Do I need something like Obelix to trasport my trades?

David Savedge said...

The Ttrading described in this post is all in station so you wouldn't need a transport. Be sure to set your buy orders range for the station only. If you do any distance trading I would suggest a freighter of some sort otherwise you will run yourself to death.