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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Play Eve Online for Free...Kinda

Caution!! Due to the upcoming Dominion expansion the formula presented here may not be viable. Ice products could be severly effected by the changes brought about by Dominion.  Care should always be taken when trading.

Playing Eve for free has never been so easy. By easy I mean putting a little time into earning enough ISK to buy a PLEX on the market. I will assume you already know what a PLEX is, if not go here. The hard way to play Eve for free is grinding missions, ratting, mining, and spending countless hours in other ways to earn your ISK. This is a noble approach but wouldn’t you rather spend your game time differently? All you have to do is spend a little real money and buy a couple of GTC’s. For those of you who claim you can’t afford it well I’m sorry, maybe you could skip a month of game subscription and then buy the GTC, then you are set for life. Give up a little time or money now and save bundles in the long run. Ok enough preamble...this is how we do it!

Buy a 60 day GTC from Deep Space Supply or Shattered Crystal

To convert the GTC into ISK in game do as follows:
Log into the game and select the pilot you wish to use.
Once you are logged on and in a station press esc. and click the convert ETC (Eve Time Code) button located on the lower left edge of the window.
Follow the prompts and enter your code.
Close the window and then open your pilot’s hangar cargo bay to reveal two 30 day PLEX.
Now you can sell them to another player on the market.

To convert the GTC into ISK in the Eve Forum go here.

Now that you have a pile of ISK, transfer it to an alternate character located in Jita 4/4.
Save half in reserve, about 250mil at current prices.
Open the market window and bring up ice products.
Do your research and pick, for example, Oxygen Isotopes. Place a buy order for as much as you can afford from your remaining ISK then once the order is filled sell your oxygen for a nice profit. For more on ice trading visit here. Once you have clawed your way to your first Billion ISK you will be able to make enough to buy plenty of PLEX’s and play for free!

Please play responsibly and always do your homework.

Here is a comment from one of our readers. We had to edit some profanity before publishing.

Minerpewpew said...
Wow great idea, get people to invest in ice products when ice is about to go through the sh***r after dominion. Should think a bit farther ahead.

Thank you for your comment. We may all need to rethink our approach to the Eve economy and the advice on this blog is simply opinion and based in real time. What may work today might be gone tomorrow. All trade should be researched completely before any purchase is made. That being said we agree in part with our well spoken comrade, Minerpewpew. Ice products will certainly be in flux but as to the long term outcome only time will tell.


Minerpewpew said...
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Minerpewpew said...

I apologize for appearing a bit harsh and snide with my previous comment, but I am glad you responded.

Just glancing at the numbers, IMO I think it’s pretty obvious that there will be no recovering from this blow to Ice, at least not for YEARS.

Let’s do some Math theory shall we? I use to be a fuel monkey for Razor, and can tell you in their 3 capital systems, they have a total of 97 Large POS's. Out of all of those 14 are moon mining, and will probably stay, but anyone in their right mind will take down the other 83. These are, packed to the brim death star POS's using approximately 324,000 isotopes per tower... and if you multiply that by just those 83 towers we get just under 27 million isotopes for a month of POS fuel. At 350 isotopes per ice block and 4 ice every... 6minutes with max skills and gang bonus’s, you are looking at a ton of mining just to keep these 3 systems a float. That's plenty to keep a large sized ice mining corp busy for a while. Also keep in mind that many large alliances (for obvious reasons) will buy multiple months in advanced (sometimes as much as 6 months)

Now take all that demand, multiply it by (to be safe) a 1000, and then wipe it completely off the map… It would make sense that if ice mining drops any lower (it’s almost more profitable to mine veldspar in high sec) that the current ice miner population will rage and anyone with ice mining skills will stop using them. Prices of Mack’s will drop out the floor as everyone tries to sell them.

There are going to be a lot of super angry care bears, most of them so ignorant they are still ice mining.

Your thoughts?

David Savedge said...

Well said my friend. I agree with your logic and hopefully those mining and trading ice will be able to adapt. I know one thing..Eve players are some of the most thorough and intellegent gamers I have ever met. Perhaps the high sec miners will move to ship production(not the Macks)which will lead to more research,leading to more high sec POS's, leading to recovering ice prices...No thats not going to work is it? Oh well. Adapt, improvise, and overcome! My money is on Trit.