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Deep Space Supply

Friday, October 30, 2009

Daytrading Again

We are back in Jita daytrading ice products again. Topava took a little break from the trading floor to run up Odin Industrial's security status. She managed to work her way up to some crappy L4 agents just before burning out. Personally I am glad to have her back trading and earning more ISK. Topava states that she is going to start a new project on the side and will spell it out on Odin Industrial's website. We are also planning on gearing up recruitment for the long winter months to come. If you are interested in joining Odin Industrial please contact me, Davikson (Director of Operations/Webmaster) or Topava (CEO/Trade Analyst) in game.

Topava suggests, "Oxygen and hydrogen isotopes are on a down swing in the Jita market. Now is the time to buy."

As always be careful not to tie up all your ISK, daytrading can be volatile.