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Monday, November 16, 2009

Eve Online PLEX Guide

The PLEX or Pilot License Extension allows you to extend the subscription time on a game account or it can be sold to earn ISK. The PLEX is a safe and easy way to provide your pilot with the isk needed to purchase ships, skill books, and other supplies to make for a better playing experience. The PLEX cannot be purchased out of game but there are several authorized GTC or Game Time Code retailers to choose from. We have purchased GTC’s from Battle Clinic’s Deep Space Supply. After purchasing the GTC follow these simple steps and you will have a wallet full of ISK.

Log into the game and select the pilot you wish to use.
Once you are logged in and in a station press esc. and click the convert ETC (Eve Time Code) button located on the lower left edge of the window.
Follow the prompts and enter your code.
Close the window and then open your pilot’s hangar cargo bay to reveal two 30 day PLEX.
Now you can sell them to another player on the market.

This method is used primarily to gain ISK. There is not much point in doing this just to pay for game time because GTC’s are usually a little more expensive than the subscription fees charged by CCP. If you are earning 300 million ISK per month, buying a PLEX can save you some money and give you the satisfaction of playing this great game for free!

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