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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The State of Jita Trade

We used to make boat loads of ISK daytrading ice products in Jita, do you remember those days? It was a few minutes of work setting up the buy and sell orders and a little good timing and luck and BAM 100 million ISK! Well as most traders are aware, the game has changed since the Dominion expansion blew that strategy out of the verse. Between the lack of player owed stations in null sec. and POS fuels being mined on every planet you can shake a stick at there aren’t the huge margins to profit from where ice is concerned. Sure you can get lucky and make 10 or 15 million ISK but the time and effort make it almost unbearable for so little return. We have shifted our attention to Planetary Resources, namely Plasmoids. Diversification is always a good strategy but we wanted to see just how much the market would bear so for now all we produce are Plasmoids. Now that someone was kind enough to point out that double clicking makes Planetary Interaction so much faster we are pulling in about 50 million isk per day running mains and alts. This rate will increase as each of our miners increase in skill so there’s no telling how many Plasmoids we will be dumping into the market.

If you are a new player with questions or an experienced player with suggestions please feel free to contact Topava in game.


Fiye Tao said...

I'm still making as much as I always have before Dominion.

Latro said...

If you're doing PI, get yourself a working spreadhseet and track the prices of P1 vs. P2/3/4 resources. You can find some profitable stuff that can save on shipping space and will allow you to remain diversified as more items seem popular at different times. My theory is that
T2 production ebbs/flows and that has an impact on PI resources involved with it.