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Deep Space Supply

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Jita Trade

The market has settled enough from the Dominion expansion to allow some steady trading. Ice products have dropped in price and trade volume but the supply and demand is leveling out. Dominion brought about some serious changes to the consumption rate of oxygen isotopes due to changes in sovereignty requirements for 0.0 space. The margins for oxygen isotopes and nitrogen isotopes are holding steady.

Some traders are speculating that Tritanium prices will drop with the new expansion in June. If anything, this kind of speculation will influence the market regardless of the impending effects of an expansion so tread carefully when trading minerals.

Topava says, “We are currently trading in oxygen isotopes, with a margin of about 17 isk per unit. We are also trading Zydrine with a margin of about 50 isk per unit. These two items work well due to high trade volume. Always remember to check the market data and see how much of a product is moving.”

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