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Deep Space Supply

Monday, October 14, 2013

Hot Trade in Highsec

Planetary resources are a somewhat passive source of income. Once you have a planetside mining system in place you can set the mining cycles for a length of time that suits your gaming schedule. I set mine on a 24 hour cycle since I try to sign on once a day. With full planetary mining skills and five planets going in highsec this nets me about 16mil ISK per cycle. Thats 480,000,000 ISK per month. I am currently mining a single resource on all of my planets and producing a processed material for sale.

Topava Says, "Reactive metals are doing well in the Jita market. If you are a producer this can pay off very well. Condensed Scordite and Veldspar are selling well for those of you who like to mine in highsec. It pays to fly the big ships, get that Hulk ASAP and you will reap the benefits in no time."

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